Our Sensory messy sessions in detail

It is an opportunity for your little one’s brain to receive feedback from their food
regarding different textures, temperatures, colors, quantities and the
difference between solid and non-solid foods.
This sensory play promotes
exploration and helps build a positive environment around their food.
Please note we use sugar free alternatives where possible.
We always prepare our sessions suitable for the age of the participants and
their allergy status.
Our sessions are designed to help individuals with their communication and
Language Development, through mixing with other individuals in play.
* Please note that we make all paint slime and playdough ourselves to
prevent nasty additives*
The emphasis of our sessions is on child lead exploration, and it helps children learn how to share and cooperate in a safe environment.
Our session are not only focused on Messy play!
We also have a range of sensory items to assist in regulation and enlighten their Visual, Auditory and Tactile senses.
Including our light board - visual lights- busy boards- balls- and active sensory games aimed to help with hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.
Each session is different and planned depending on the age of the individuals.